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10 Charities That Champion Love

by Simon Goetz

When sad things in the world get you down, it’s time to do something about it. Raising money for a charity is a great start. Not sure which one to support? Check out some of our favorite organizations that champion love and share MindMeet’s vision of an awakened, compassionate, and connected world.

1. Life After Hate

Sometimes the best way to combat hate is with compassion and forgiveness, and Life After Hate does that directly. Former members of hate groups show others a way out of the endless cycle of anger at themselves and others.


2. Southern Poverty Law Center

Using litigation and education (most famously with comprehensive documentation on hate groups), the SPLC fights hate and bigotry by first shining a spotlight on it.


3. Color of Change

Sometimes governments or organizations won’t change unjust policies unless pressured by the public. Color of Change illuminates racial injustice and pressures policy reform. If nothing else, check out their website. It’s beautiful.


4. C-Ville Victim Relief Fund

This GoFundMe was started by Charlottesville citizens to raise money for victims of the August 12th terrorist attack in the famous college town. It’s the most grassroots effort in this list, and probably the one that give us the most hope.


5. Initiatives of Change

IoC does a bunch. Their mission is to “connect core values with personal and public action with a focus on racial reconciliation, economic inclusion and interfaith understanding.” In other words, they help people be better humans.


6. Face Terror Together

Terrorists use fear as their primary weapon. Face Terror Together fights that fear with unity and understanding. They’re currently not accepting donations, but link to other orgs aligned with them that are.


7. The White Helmets

Five minutes on the White Helmets’ site will remind you that some charity workers take great risks to help others. The site describes the White Helmets as “a group of unarmed volunteers who risk their lives to help Syrians in need and those impacted by violence – regardless of their religion or politics.” Our description of them: heroes.


8. Give for France

This is a focused fundraising campaign run by Fondation de France. They’re raising money so they can offer much-needed counseling, legal assistance, and social support for victims of the terrorist attack in Nice on July 14th, 2016.


9. The International Committee for the Red Cross

The first charity a lot of people hear about, and for good reason. The ICRC aids victims of war, and promotes international humanitarian law. Saying they do a lot is like saying New Yorkers like pizza. Sure, it’s an accurate statement, but it doesn’t really give you the full picture.


10. Doctors Without Borders

DWB delivers medical care to victims of wars, disasters, and epidemics. They’re like the ICRC, but with a focus on healthcare. Impressively, more than 30,000 DWB staff are out in the field every day. If you meet one of them, thank them for us. If they’re single, get their digits, too.


August 28, 2017